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Program Costs


All Tuition is Sliding Scale

Spark Studio (Ages 5-8)

5 Days (M-F):  $16,00-$19,500

4 Days (M-Th): $13,500-$15,500

3 Days (M-W): $10,500-$13,500

2 Days (Th-F): $7,500-$10,000


Spark Studio Materials Fee: 

$600 Full time/$400 part-time


Discovery Studio (Ages 7-12) 

5 Days (M-F):  $14,500-$18,000

4 Days (M-Th): $12,000-$14,000

3 Days (M-W): $9,500-$12,500

2 Days (Th-F): $7,000-$9,000

Journey Studio (Ages 12-15)

5 Days (M-F):  $14,500-$18,000

4 Days (M-Th): $12,000-$14,000

3 Days (M-W): $9,500-$12,500


Threshold Studio (Ages 14-18)

5 Days (M-F):  $14,500-$18,000

4 Days (M-Th): $12,000-$14,000


Discovery, Journey, Threshold Materials Fee: 

$525 Full time/$325 part-time


Annual Enrollment Fee for All Programs: $300


Enrichment Afternoon Add-On One Day- Thursday or Friday 12:45-3:15: $1,300 for the year*

Enrichment Afternoon Add-On Two Days- Thursday and Friday 12:45-3:15: $2,600 for the year*


*If taking the VAPA enrichment class only, there will also be a $325 materials fee for the year.  The Outdoor Nature Program does not have a materials fee.

Sibling Discounts:

1st child pays full program tuition chosen on sliding scale

2nd child gets 5% discount

3rd child gets 10% discount


All children pay in full for technology and materials, and for the enrollment fee


On August 1st, 2024  first and last month’s payments (for September and June) are due, and are non-refundable.  We require 30 days' notice and payment of the next month's program fee (which would be the last month’s tuition already paid) if you decide to withdraw your child from our program.  


Payments can be made in 8 monthly installments (October -May) after the first and last months are paid.

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